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A family tradition

…When the first bottles were sold from the cellars of our home and, ever since then, the Lodi Corazza family has been farming the same terrain with the patience and passion of people who belong to this land and who have treated it with great respect over the years, adopting Integrated farming techniques that help maintain the local biodiversity.

Farming is a family tradition which brother and sister Silvia and Cesare Corazza are carrying on to the future. Over the years they have renovated the winery and the vineyards, continuing to develop the estate’s viticulture and winemaking, selecting clones of native and international grape varieties that were already present here, and have been grown for generations by their mother’s family, Lodi. The vines love the poor, reddish soils here at Zola Predosa, which is within the DOC Colli Bolognesi area.

We believe that wine is a product of the land, a living testimony to an idea and a millenary tradition, which matures in its own time and with its own equilibrium, improving and lasting through time as a record of a special vintage.


back in 1726

In the year 1726, the Papal state had begun selling off its lands in the Bologna area. Ever since then the Lodi family have farmed the same lands here. Ours is an ancient family of merchants, who set down roots in the charming Bologna countryside, which for centuries was a borderland between the Papal states and the Holy Roman Empire. Here the family found their soul in vine-growing and winemaking. The first document testifying to the production and sale of wine by the Lodi family dates back to 1877.

Towards the end of the 1950s, on the death of Raffaele Lodi, half of the estate was inherited by our mother, Maria Luisa Lodi – so one branch of the Lodi family later founded the Santa Caterina estate while our branch of the family went on to found Lodi Corazza.
In 1960, when our father Corrado Corazza joined the family, the company began to progress further into specialised viticulture, and new technologies were introduced to the winery to take their place alongside the traditional wisdom of our winemakers.


And, since 1997, it’s us…

Cesare and Silvia Corazza. Together we are responsible for our family heritage, focusing on the quality of our grapes and the wines we produce and investing in wine tourism as a testimony to our local traditions.

The passage of time has undoubtedly brought changes to our lands but the vineyards are still intact, where they have always been. It’s as if they’re watching over things to make sure everything is done as our forebears wished. We only needed to bring new energy to what was already here and restore the old vineyards: our mother’s Pignoletto, Iaio’s Barbera, our father’s Merlot, Napoleone’s Sauvignon and our grandfather’s Albana. Each corner of our

estate has its own soul and its story to tell…

Cesare Corazza