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Visits and



The wine must be

part of you!

Nothing has to be kept secret… Wine must be a part of your life!
We have always been honoured to welcome visitors and show them our wine farm. Along with a ten-year relationship with our customers, we have been offering guided tours on regular basis. With the increasing promotion of food & wine tourism, we naturally decided to be “always opened” to visitors. We are thus prepared to welcome guided tours, either for large groups, families or even few people, to offer them a high-quality service with wine tasting in our two especially designed tasting rooms.
We offer guided tours in Italian, English and French and we can arrange corporate dinners, parties, tasting dinners and other events upon request.


Built in 1988

Built in 1988 and designed by Eng. Corrado Corazza himself, the winery facility currently includes 90 fermentation and storage tanks made of stainless steel, concrete or wood. Concrete is an ideal material for vats due to its heat capacity and also because it is free from allergenic substances such as nickel (present in stainless steel) and it facilitates vat washing.


The purpose of wooden barrels is wine micro-oxygenation. In this way, we produce wines that last longer, we preserve colour and fragrance without adding wood aromas and we use only grapes of great structure that can stand the aging process.


Sparkling processes (prise de mousse) occur in stainless steel pressure tanks and last maximum 4/6 months, while wine ageing processes occur directly in bottles. All temperatures in the production area are controlled, both inside vats and aging rooms.


All production steps are carried out at the winery, including the natural fermentation by Charmat method for semi-sparkling wines and bottling, after sterile and under nitrogen blanket microfiltration, in order to always assure healthy products to our customers.